Once Applied | ALWAYS TIED

Once Applied | ALWAYS TIED

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Why choose Greeper Laces?


Greepers are the best shoelaces you’ll ever use: simple to fit, easy  to use and they never come undone! Greepers continue to gain wide  acclaim in both sport and healthcare.

 Made with real (not elastic) laces you get the optimum performance  from your sports and leisure shoes and the convenience of quick  loosening and tightening – even in the freezing cold and with gloves on!
So whether you’re off to a triathlon, the mountain trails, the park,  school, the office or just chilling out, Greeper® Laces are the laces  you need.



Holding feet  firmly in place with traditional non-stretch laces and the patented toggle system, providing superior support in whatever physical activity you undertake.

Gaining recognition in the Triathlon industry for speeding up transition time in T2.

Check out this feedback!

 "I used my first pair (of Greepers) tonight which I bought at the  triathlon show and put them in new shoes bought today. They are so much  better than elastic laces used in triathlon, your feet are so much more  stable. I am a definite convert." 

Trouble tying shoelaces?


GREEPER® Laces have proven to be very useful for many people who  struggle to tie shoe laces for any number of reasons, including  conditions such as ASD, Aspergers, Dyspraxia, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke and  Amputees.

Once Greepers are fitted to the footwear they are loosened simply by  pulling on the pull tab of the toggle.  The user then simply makes the  lace loops bigger to tighten the laces and enjoy a secure, snug fit.  Small stoppers on the lace loops prevent the Greepers from coming  undone, hence our slogan…

“Once Applied, Always Tied!”

We have also developed the GREEPER® Assist device. Loosening the  laces one handed is very easy, but it is more tricky to tighten them.  The Assist enables people with only one functioning hand to tighten the  laces.

Greeper laces In Action

Which laces?


 GREEPER® Sports are perfect laces for all footwear. Greepers  enable the user to loosen and tighten laces with ease and they never  come undone! 

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 GREEPER® Flats are the same 10mm wide flat laces commonly found in Converse and Skate style casual shoes. 

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 GREEPER® Execs are thin round laces with a pewter finish metal toggle ideal for all smarter lace up shoes. 

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Hi Viz

 GREEPER® Hi Viz are reflective laces ideal for running footwear and work boots.

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fitting greeper laces

Check out this great visual on fitting and using Greeper laces.

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